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I'm Meghan. I am a logophilic, photo snapping, graduate of Larry David's alma mater who recently ditched the District of Columbia for Dublin, Ireland.

Nearly all of my income is spent on books, food, traveling, and coffee. I enjoy cycling, taking long walks around strange and familiar cities, browsing vintage jewelry shops, and baking.

This blog was originally started as a way for me to vent out my frustrations while a student in Washington, DC. Now it chronicles my life in Eire. I'm an amateur photographer at best, but most photos I post here are taken and processed through Instagram. Remember, the best camera in the world is the one you have on you. Please note that all views and opinions are my own and not necessarily those of my employers.

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A Tiger Beer Chinese New Year

Victo Ngai

For 3 months last year, I worked on the Tiger Beer 2014 Chinese New Year Advertisement Campaign. We hope to achieve a whimsical image which captures the light-headed soaring feeling from Tiger Beer and all the Chinese New Year festivities.

There are 9 carps in the image as 9 has always been a lucky number in Chinese culture. It’s the noblest number of all as it was historically associated with the Emperor. It is also a homophone of the word for “long lasting” (久).  And fish(魚) is pronounced the same way as “extra” (餘), therefore “年年有魚(餘)”, literally translated to fish every year, is often used to wish for plentiful years ahead. 

 Chinese New Year is a time of fun, When Tiger suggested putting 8 hidden horses in the image, I thought it was absolutely  brilliant.  Furthermore, 8 horses symbolize a prosperous 2014 (Year of The Horse).  8 is yet another  lucky number in Chinese culture.It shares a similar sound as 發(fortune). If you visit China, you will see many rich people’s car plate being 88888. So…any luck spotting out all the horses? 

3 months is a long long time compare to the usual editorial deadline which I am used to. The process is also a lot more meticulous. I am the type who like to have loose sketches and go with the flow with my finals, but I learnt that would give advertisement clients heart attacks. The color palette, number+ sizes of lanterns, peach blossom, carps, fashion, ethnicities. etc were planned starting from the sketch stage. The biggest challenge for me were drawing the bottles and can. I don’t like to use references and tend to go off grid with quirky free-handing, this time the accuracy of the products is very important. It took me a few rounds to get all the details and the refreshing glow right, but I am quite proud and happy with how they turned out!

One of the best thing I took away from this job was the sense of teamwork. I play solo for most of my assignments. This time I got to work very closely with ROTHCO, especially my art director Dylan Davies and project manager Jessica Derby. Because of the rush deadline and time differences among me (NY), the agency(Dublin) and the client (Singapore), we often had to work late into the nights together. They shared my excitement and frustration, they give insightful suggestions and help me with many challenges along the way. Also my rep Gail Gaynin, who is not only the business warrior but also an amazing emotional support.

 This ad campaign is described as “daring”, “inventive” and “fresh” in the article  ”5 Brands that got Chinese New Year Marketing Right" by, I think my ace team deserves a big round of applause. 

Thank you so much Robin Yoong from Ogilvy Singapore,  Peilin Lee and Tai Yun fromAsian Pacific Breweries Limited and all my followers (Prudence, Christina, Teo.Aikcher, James, Erwin, Seetoh, Sandy, Twu, Benjamin, Yan) for sending me the photos so I can see the image coming to life! 

Happy Chinese New Year Y’all!

Snow at home!

Once a year I try to use a curling iron on my hair for pretty, wavy, glossy hair. I pull it out, dust it off and go to town. And by go to town, I mean fail spectacularly with frizzy crappy iron-y kink. And then I decide that curling wands are bullshit and you’re all big fat liars blessed with a gene shared with Kate Middleton. 

But seriously. Not even the magic 13 year olds on youtube can help me. I’m hopeless. Ah well. At least I’m not burning my hair off. 

The past few weeks have been stressful but UNREAL at work. And I’ve barely been able to enjoy an evening at home. Today, as I was headed up to bed I noticed that the kitchen was an absolute mess and I started winding myself up trying to clean up, move bottles out for recycling, and wash up counter top stains. By the time the kitchen was clean, I was in a mood.

But then I realised that today is November 8th. 15 years ago, my uncle died. And I still miss him all the time. The kitchen doesn’t matter. The stress at work will go away and dissipate eventually. But I’ll never see Brendan again. Perspective. It’s nice to have every once in a while.

No no no no no no no. 

They’re just fucking with us now, right?

I feel stupid-awful about this. Like I’m abandoning something that could potentially be a rewarding or a goal I’ve set for myself. But I feel like I need to write this publicly to try to digest and process my mixed feelings about everything that’s going on. Here it is folks:

I’m breaking up with Yoga.

It’s not that I’m deeply troubled by the ideologies or philosophy behind yoga, it just didn’t do it for me. I couldn’t buy into it. Especially with a teacher who was really into the spiritual and side of it. I’m not religious. I haven’t been in a long time. I find it really hard to break that and think that if I were to “release the anger” or “remove the tension” by “looking within” then maybe I would “have more peace” within my life. I’m also turned away by the overwhelming enthusiasm of basically everyone but me. But then again, I really don’t like the hoo-rah over Christmas, sunny weather, and cupcakes so maybe I just hate fun and good things in general.

But I love the exercises. I really dig the progress I’ve seen in my flexibility and strength and I’ve enjoyed seeing the changes it has had on my body. I do a number of stretches at home on the big green rug in my living room. Yes, yoga has helped with relieving stress. I cannot say enough good things about the deep stretching poses I do and the benefit yoga has had on my posture and my confidence. That side of yoga is awesome. And i still love it for that reason.

…but I just lost the fever. And I can’t keep going to classes if I’m going to waste money and time by listening to someone who’s words of wisdom just wont penetrate this heathen’s thick skull. I just can’t with the teachers and the yogavangelists. Some people can go to a couple classes a week, do their thing, walk out and never speak of it and could give zero shits about chakras and inner thoughts or whatever. But I have exactly two opinions about things; I am either uber-all-about-it or ultra-not-into-it. Except white wine, cronuts, and now, yoga. I’m pretty ‘meh’ about those things.

Basically I’m just going to keep doing me and staying active and healthy and happy. Good talk.

Saturday night after cocktails at The Liquor Rooms in the Clarence.

(via sade)

People love to talk about themselves, but there is also a trend of “nobody cares about ____ so stop talking about it” going around. And it bums me out.

I’m all for self expression. it’s how we connect with others. Using the word I is the way we identify ourselves (though, terribly) as individuals with thoughts, feelings, aspirations, affirmations, and opinions. Sure, these opinions may not match up with yours. And that’s fine. But there are people out there who only live to tear others down and make others feel terrible about what they’ve written or said. 

Tearing someone down for what they’ve done or found happiness in is just downright hurtful - be it a lifestyle change, the availability of the pumpkin spice latte at the nearest Starbucks, the changing seasons, or whatever. If that’s really your thing and your way of expressing yourself. Okay cool. Have at it. It’s just not very nice or attractive.